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Turbo Turf Hydro Seeding Systems

Turbo Turf makes the industries best jet and mechanically agitatetd Hydro Seeding Systems.
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Turbo Turf Sprayers

Turbo Turf makes Turf, Tree and Pest Control sprayers from 50 gallons and up
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Turbo Turf Ice Control Sprayers

Turbo Turf Ice Control Sprayers can save time and materials.
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Turbo Turf Compost Tea Sprayer

Turbo Turf Compost Tea Sprayers are built from the ground up to be the best compost tea sprayer on the market.
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Turbo Turf Watering Units

Turbo Turf Watering units are made in skid and pull type unit. They are perfect for nurserys, construction projects and more.
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Turbo Turf Straw BlowerTurbo Turf Straw Blower

Turbo Turf Straw Blowers are the fastest and easiest way for a landscaper, contractor or erosion control professional to provide a straw mulch covering. Turbo Turf’s straw blowers are a great time and labor saving system for any new lawn seeding project or erosion control application.

Blowing straw with a Turbo Turf Straw Blower is 10 times faster than shaking straw by hand and produces the same results using 20% less straw.  Straw is a great way to provide erosion control and to maintain optimum conditions for seed germination. It may be used over hydro seeding to provide additional protection from cold or hot weather and the drying effects of the wind.

Turbo Turf's TM-20 and TM-20-H will blow 2-3 bales per minute and can easily cover 1 1/2 acres an hour. They will handle both straw and hay and won't clog even if the material is damp. The heavy duty bale tray will fold up for compact storage. The units come standard with a 360 degree cannon discharge which will blow material 40-50 feet or you can quickly attach up to 100' of smooth inner wall 6" I.D. Hose to cover hard to reach areas if needed.

Turbo Turf's heavy duty chains will cut the material into 4" lenghts and last almost forever. There are no blades to replace or shapren. The tripple v-belt drive minimizes vibration. Turbo Turf's Straw Blower can easily be operated by one man. Turbo Turf offers the best unit and best value on the market.



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